Bi-level tracked scissor takes on the toughest environments

3 BiBi 850 BL Scissor Lifts

JMS has added the incredible new BiBi 850 BL bi-level tracked scissor lift from Almac to its powered access hire fleet.

The 7.9m BiBi 850 BL access platform is designed to deliver safety and stability in the toughest environments.

Compact tracks mean the dieselscissor lift operates safely on any type of slope up to 20 ° vertically and 15° horizontally with automatic levelling.

JMS Sales and Marketing DirectorScott Walker said: “You have to see the BiBi 850 BL scissor lift in action to appreciate the way it works. It can overcome terrain challenges including steepsloping ground, rough terrain, narrow pathways and spanning two differentsurface levels.

 “The BiBI 850 is particularly useful for the FacilitiesManagement, Construction, Industrial and Fit-out sectors in hard-to-reach urbanareas.”

The BiBI 850 excels whereoperators have to work in narrow gaps between buildings, across courtyards ondifferent levels, up steps, up ramps, and especially in roadside applicationswhere one track is on the street and the other track has to be up on thepavement due to lack of space.

Compact but versatile scissor lift

Despite its compact minimumwidth of 1.3m and overall length of 1.94m, the BiBi 850 BL is ahigh-performance mini scissor.

The 250kg platformcapacity is strong enough to lift two operators with tools and equipment. The 1.12mroll out deck extension gives handy extra space when required.

The BiBi 850 BL is also highlymanoeuverable in all space conditions thanks to its tracks and the easy-to-use joysticksteering.


Maximum working height 7.90m
Maximum platform height 5.90m
Overall width by length 1.30m x 1.94m
Platform capacity 250kg
Machine weight 1990kg

Contact the JMS Hire Desk now on 0845 457 0000 tohire a BiBi 850 BL bi-level scissor lift or to discuss your other poweredaccess hire requirements.